CellMetric Tool

Hey guys, it’s been a while since my last post as I’ve been quite busy on the last months at a personal project which could be used to collect some current metrics from a Exadata Storage Server. I got a beta version now, so it’s stills under development but I hope you enjoy this tool. It’s a Java App which was built and tested under ESS image version and Java version 1.7.0_72 . Java 7.0 is deployed under ESS image version

Well what this app call CellMetric does is quite simple, it executes CellCLI throw SSH – so Node Equivalency to cellmonitor uses needs to be set correctly -, list the current metrics from the cell that you provided using saving this output to a XML file and then print the results on the screen. That easy. The only attention is that the Database I/O Load Metric information is top ordered listing only the hugest 15 databases. The way how you execute it is java CellMetric -top -cell <cellHostName> . Below you can see an image from the execution time:

CellMetric Image

So just download this CellMetric_v1.2.zip place both file on your Exadata Database Machine and then enjoy it. Cya!!