Error ‘resource ora.driver.afd does not exist’

Hi guys! Recently I’ve being through an issue after a recently PSU has being applied on an environment that has AFD configured and working. The error that is being experienced when you are trying to check the state or configure the AFD which is ASMCMD-9527: AFD is loaded, but resource ora.driver.afd does not exist. So the point is that I didn’t find any official document that address this issue so what I’m doing here is that I’m following the same steps when you applied a PSU on a grid infrastructure that has ACFS drivers loaded (you need first to remove ACFS drivers and after that PSU has being applied, you can load the ACFS drivers back againd). There is a picture bellow that shows the error when you try to configure/deconfigure AFD after you applied the PSU.


So as you can see from the error message, the ACFS driver is the one that is preventing you from configure/deconfigure the AFD on the server, now lets go into the simple steps to fix it. Bring the Oracle Restart down, in order to uninstall the ACFS and AFD drivers, then just re-install them:


All the steps were performed using a privileged user (root), after that you can check that the AFD was configured correctly.


So that’s it guys, I hope it helps you! See ya!

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