Configure AFD on a new server

Hi guys, I’ve seen some fellows complaining about how to configure AFD on a new server. Well, actually Oracle doesn’t mention no way how to do this, but I’ll show you bellow the way to go. There are simple tasks to perform but the most important of them is to apply PSU 1 or later on it, cause AFD may cause your system to crash MOS: Minimum PSU Level to Configure ASM Filter Driver (AFD) (Doc ID 1943048.1). There are two ways of doing this, the first one would be to deploy a Stand-alone Grid Infrastructure as usual and them migrate the disks to AFD and the second one is to perform a software only install and configure it from the begging. On this post, I’ll mention about the second choice which is the one that Oracle doesn’t mention about it.

First thing, perform a software only install on your server. After the installation has finished you need to configure the grid infrastructure as a Stand-alone, so pick the first option and run it as root:


Then start the ora.cssd resource, after that add and start both listener and the ASM instance:


Now you are good to go to configure the ASM Filter Driver and label the devices which you want to use, but before first you need to stop the Oracle Restart. Also, you need to use root user in order to configure AFD (it gives you an error but you can ignore it):


And for the end, apply the last PSU in order to avoid your system from crashing:


That’s it, now you have a fresh new server configured with AFD. See you!!

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