Archived Logs Repository

Hello, everyone! On this post, I’ll write about the concept of Archived Log Repository. A few people know it, although most had contact indirectly with it. This concept is pretty much similar to a Standby Database but no datafiles.

Many people think that the only way to send/shared archived logs between databases in different servers should be using shared storage. This is a mistake! The configuration is very easy to accomplish it and it doesn’t need much resources, it’ll just need a standby controlfile and a new pfile. Also, you need o configure connection strings on tnsnames.ora. Below is evidenced the commands executed:

SYS@PRIM> alter database create standby controlfile as ‘/tmp/stby_ctrl.ora’;
SYS@PRIM> create pfile=’/tmp/stby_pfile.ora’ from spfile;

SYS@STBY> startup nomount pfile=/tmp/stby_pfile.ora
SYS@STBY> alter database mount standby database;

Of couse you do need to set DG_CONFIG parameter as you should in a Standby Database environment. Then you just need to mount database and now you have an archived log repository without shared storage. That simple! That’s all guys, take care.

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